Model HL67A750A1FXZA picture disappears

After a few minutes of use, the picture disappears. Sometimes after 5 seconds or so, it will come back on. Sometimes not. We have to turn tv off then on again to regain picture

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@whitewater when you turn the TV off and back on, will it then stay on or continue its cycle? when the picture disappears can you still get the Menu to display?

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It will continue the cycle

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I'll check the menu the next time

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Yes. Tv menu will pull up when picture is out

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@whitewater does that happen on all inputs? Check with different input sources. Do you keep the sound or does that turn off as well? Do you get any error code flashing from your power led etc.? are you fans working? Have you taken the back off to check for obvious damage? Clean the boards and fans from any excessive dust.Since you do maintain the menu I suspect issues with the main (video) board.

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@whitewater lets start off by checking for Samsung suggest:

Block Image

and here is the flowchart

Block Image

Check to see if your LED's display any error code

Block Image

To access the service mode follow this:

Block Image

The number 2 DDP3021 menu is where you want to go. here you can check #8 to see if your DMD board is working properly

Block Image

Besides all that you do want to make sure that you do not have any fan (overheating), heatsink or capacitor issue. Check for any leaking bulging or otherwise failed capacitors. Post some images of your boards with your question. that will allow us to see what you see. For that use this guide

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