ear bud wire was pulled and no sound will come out! How do I fix it?

Im a trucker and i was laying in bed and didnt know my ear bud speaker was under me and i pulled it to use it and my right speaker didnt work! I can fix it myself just dont know how to get in to the speaker housing to make the repairs need! Any help will be nice!

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According this video it's just little hooks that hold the outer casing together.

I know it's not the exact model of you headphones, but I think the range is pretty much the same.

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Thank you for that i looked for a video on how to do that but didnt find one

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No worries.

Let me know how you get on with the repair.

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I will! Heres my email etheredgefamily@gmail.com where we can talk! I bought a new set for now and use my hbs 770 as a back up

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