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Frozen on startup without home buttom

Hello, yesterday my phone battery died and I tried to just charge it but then I come to the moment where the apple logo shows up but nothing more happens, I have drained the battery more than 7 times but I wont get further then the apple logo. My home buttom is broken so I cant do the forced restet and tried to look at where you "erased your find your phone" but still wont work. Apple says they have to switch the whole buttom to make it work but is there anybody else outhere that knows what I can do?

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Did you change the battery because the phone went flat and you didn't charge it?

If yes check charging port for debris blockage and use some tool carefully to clean it out if it's blocked.

If it's clean and plugs in properly then it's most likely a U2 Tristar charging ic chip gone on the logic board which goes bad if a car charger was used with a cheap aftermarket lightning cable (non-MFI certified).

You can test chip by unplugging battery, plugging it back in then plug the charging cable in. If it turns on itself with apple logo then chip is probably fine. If it doesn't turn on itself and you need to hold power button to turn it on then its probably the chip.

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