iPhone is stuck on restore?

I just ordered an Iphone on ebay that has a technical problem. My phone was recently stolen and I enjoy ordering apple products and attempting to fix them up, and so far, I have had great luck with this. So I figured I would ask you guys ahead of time if you know what the problem may be with this iphone. This is what was in the description:

It's stuck on connect to iTunes , it will go thru the restore on iTunes but it keeps going back to connect to iTunes for restore. I'm not sure what the issue is ?

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Does it give a specific error number? Worst case scenario it's a bad logic board

Agree with rab777hp and noticed over the last couple of months that there are more iPhones for sale that have difficulty restoring. Check out this post iPhone 3G Freeze Right Before Custom ipsw Restore, Getting Error 9. and I think that would be worse that a new logic board :) But let us know if you find out about error codes etc....good luck

I will as soon as I get it. I also found an article pertaining to this exact thing on ehow and it said usually all the iphone needs is to be plugged into a different computer. So I guess I i'll start there. I'll keep you all posted!

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