Nothing Being Displayed on Caller ID Screen

I'm looking for a way to fix this phone. The sound is working and it rings when called but nothing visibly comes up on the display screen.

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Is the base unit screen showing anything? Try pulling the base units battery and/or replacing it also check the power cord & transformer it could be dead

Does the cordless unit have a screen? If it does is it working?

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Yes the base is working. And it is fully charged. There are 4 handsets and I think this one got wet and the screen no longer displays anything. Not sure if it can be repaired or need new one.

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Sorry to say not much you can do here.

You could try opening the handset to see if you can spy any corrosion around the display screens connector. Using some distilled water and cotton swabs (Q-Tips) try to clean things up.

Otherwise, you'll need a new unit if you really need a fourth handset.

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