Pump drains water but sounds like it is cavitating at the end of the cycle

Have been getting the suds and F21 error. Replaced the pump and pressure switch 6 months ago & worked fine for awhile. Then the pump started making a grinding sound when draining & the F21 error came back. Took apart the drain line again. No blockage, but the ball valve was pretty gummed up, so took that off and cleaned it, but no luck. The pump sounds fine when first draining and empties the washer, but then keeps going when it appears that there is no water left and it sounds like it is cavitating. Is this due to a bad pressure switch, even though it was recently replaced?

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@acousticshade ,Steve, Remove hose off pressure switch and blow through it, as it may be clogged. Machine should be unplugged for at least five minutes before you recheck it, plug in and try. 1st Link below was similar issue, also a trouble shooting link and link to repair/service guide. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.




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