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fingerprint id fails after screen change


Greetings from Tweed Heads Australia .

I have a IP6s 16gb that i bought with a broken screen . I tested the fingerprint (home button) function before i removed the screen and it worked properly. Next i replaced the screen being very careful not to damage the home button cable . With the new screen fitted , the fingerprint id does not work but the home button and everything else on the phone works properly.

The phone seemed to know something was wrong because when i was going through the setup process , a message appeared something like" id failed" .

Only thought i had as to the problem may be i need to swap over the home button extension cable as well.However i don't think this is possible,as the cable seems to be well and truly sandwiched into the display.

Anyhow , do you know where the problem may be?

Do you think it is safe to update to the latest ios 10.3 , as i am concerned it may "brick" the phone.

The bricking is my biggest concern . If the id does not work ,i am ok with that. I don't use it anyway.

Warm regards


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The home button cable is not good. In this instance you need to exchange the display. You can't just pull the force touch piece off and replace the home button cable. That or you've damaged the home button itself. I dunno though. I be pickin those things off like nose hairs. I stopped using heat years ago

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Thanks, i think it most likely is a fault in the home cable of the new LCD screen i fitted.Thanks...appreciate your answer

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It shouldnt brick your device. Biometrics Fails if a error is made this is why i always pull the battery on the phone and use heat to remove the touch id component fom the board to cause minimal chance of damage usually a touch id fail is due to technician error.

Bottom line is it shouldnt brick your phone

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Hi there!

First of all, update to iOS10.3.1 will not brick ur device at all, since Apple trying to be nice to 3rd place replacement.

So do u mean u can't use Touch ID at all?

Is it after u reboot ur phone and it pops up "Touch ID can't be activated"?

Or u stock at first setup screen?

I did my screen repair recently and didn't have any issue so far, I even tried to updated to iOS10.3.2 beta, everything works perfectly.

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You need to replace extension flex home button cable and your finger print id will work.

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