Sound, backlight, no picture - all boards changed


My 3yr old Samsung LED UN50H6203AFXZA lost the picture, but still has sound and the backlight. I've changed the T-Con board with 2 others, changed the Main board and just changed the Power board last night, but nothing has worked.

What else can I do on my own? Should I try to replace the cables?

My 32" Samsung has not had any problems for 5+years, but am concerned if I should bother with another Samsung....

Any help would be appreciated!


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Do you get the menu screens at all?

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Sorry for the late reply! No, I can't see any menu at all. The backlight is present - via screen glow and lights through the back of TV. I also did not see any faint images when doing the 'flashlight test.' Having researched in other places, I'm jow wondering of it is an Inverter Board?!

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Hi @grandcannon ,

The inverter controls the backlight so I don't think that this is the problem.

As you have changed the TCON and the Mainboard, then all that is left is either the Mainboard to TCON cable or the TCON to LCD panel cable or the LCD panel itself.

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