Should I sell it or should I fixit?


I have a international version of LG G2 (D802) and it was a great device. After one fall the screen had cracked but not shatter. The problema lies around the cracked area that isn't responding, so I guess it damaged some part of the digitizer? What's your opinion should I get this device fixed or should I sell it the way it's?

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Whether you keep it or sell it, it would seem that repairing it would be worth the time/effort. However that would depend on: a) Can you get a replacement glass/digitizer? b) how comfortable at repairs are you? c) how much time do you want to invest in repairing it.

A cursory glance at the parts store here did not show me a glass/digitizer for the G2. I've had some potential customers decide that the issue they had was not worth the time/cost/effort to repair because they were very close to the time they could upgrade their phone anyway.

I know it's not a clear yes/no answer, but hopefully gives you some things to think about.

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