Probable water dispenser air lock

Apparent air lock in water line. No hammering noise. Dispenser is in refrigerator. Have depressed water dispenser for several minutes many times. Still no water. What should I do now?

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Here are several checks you can do.

Remove the filter. Some refrigerators won't work without the filter, most do. If you get water then it was a bad filter.

Check to make sure there is water getting to the refrigerator. The water cut off should be behind the refrigerator. Turn it off. Have a bucket and towel. Disconnect the hose at the refrigerator and put the hose in bucket and turn water on to fill bucket 1/2 way. Is the pressure good? Was there sediment in the water? If so, run water till clear.

Inlet valve can be tested for ohms/resistants with a multimeter. Should have a little. You have 2 or 3 coils to test.

You could have a frozen water line in door or the tank is frozen. The tank is in fresh food section bottom behind drawers. If frozen, thaw completely then run water till the water is warm.

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