Why is my internal hard drive clicking and inaccessable?

My toshiba 2tb hard drive (goo.gl/77pu6A) isnt accessable from my pc and is making a clicking noise. this drive contains very important backups from years ago i need all this data what do i do

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The clicking noise is an indication of hardware failure.

You can try and recover the data yourself using some available tools that are free of cost like MiniTool Power Data Recovery, Recuva, and TestDisk to name a few.

These tools are designed to attempt to read the hard drive and retrieve the data from it. However take note that each tool is different and I suggest you look them up, along with the process and steps to take before starting.

You should note that at this point, the more stress is put on the drive, the higher the risk of it completely dying. Some of the data may already be unrecoverable.

The second option is to pay a small fortune to have a "forensic data recovery service" try and recover the data from the platters. They cost more than a visit to the dentist, and there are usually no guarantees

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