"No Paper" msg. after changing Toner and Drum

I was getting prints with thick Black lines, so I changed the Toner cartridge. This did not fix the problem. I then installed a new Drum. Now, I get a "No Paper" message. I am using Hammermill 20 lb. paper. I also cleaned the Paper rollers. Still, no prints.

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The out of paper sensor maybe flocked but paper dust. Some are photo-eye based vs a reed switch. See if you can identify the sensor using a small paint brush or cotton swab clean the lens. You may need some can'ed air as well.

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Thank you for your prompt answer to my question. After cleaning the rollers, and the pad (in the paper tray), I then inserted the paper tray (with the proper weight paper loaded), and attempted to copy/print again. No luck. However, upon removing the paper tray, I noticed a sheet of paper was partially inserted into the slot intended for the blank sheet to enter the copier for printing. It just didn't insert far enough for the copier to advance it to the proper position for 'printing.' It was as if the blank sheet just didn't have enough oomph!, to advance into the copier. As for your suggestion to clear/clean the paper sensor, I have not attempted this, yet. I have no idea where to look for this sensor. Yes, I guess it could be a paper sensor, but I feel the issue may be associated with the feed of the paper, rather than a 'Low Paper' issue. Can you comment, please? TIA.

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As you has stated you had cleaned the rollers, the only other possibility left was the sensor which is why I pointed it out.

Maybe, you still have a roller issue (gazed). You might want to clean them again using a good rubber cleaner like: Martin Yale Rubber Roller Cleaner and Rejuvenator Spray. I don't recommend spraying the parts! Instead, concentrate the spray in the cap and then use a cotton swab (Q-Tip) to carefully clean the roller wheel surface (make sure you do the whole wheel).

If that fails then you may need to replace the rollers and/or check the alignment, Or lastly, did you damage any of the paper guides?

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I ordered some of the Martin Yale Rubber roller Cleaner and Rejuvenator Spray, and I will follow your suggestions on its use. I did not damage any of the paper guides. It seems odd that a perfectly feeding machine would stop feeding due to me replacing the Toner and drum. Coincidence? Hmm.. Perhaps I disturbed something in the process, but I highly doubt this. I used caution, and followed Brother's instructions to a "T." One thing I noticed...The small pad on the inside front of the paper tray has a small indentation, kinda a wear mark, where the roller makes contact. It appears the paper is pinched between this pad, and one of the rollers. This particular roller is used to load the paper into the feed slot of the copier. there are two smaller, fatter rollers that, I believe, are used to assist the paper out of the tray. BTW...ALL three rollers do spin. I have attempted to use a heavier paper (24#) with the same results. I'll be back....

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