First iteration of JBL's Pulse line of wireless, bluetooth speakers released in 2013. Unique to this speaker is its light array that "pulses" in rhythm with your music.

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Charging, but still not

I just got my Pulse 2 yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. While it lasted. Now I can't charge it. I plug the cable in and I see the first little lamp start flashing white, which I thought was it charging (and I'm guessing it is), but I left it to charge over night, and when I came to take a look at it, it was still at the same charge. Have I done something wrong? I tried using the charger on my phone, and it worked flawlesly. (Although, I didn't use the actual USB cable, because I don't have a phone which uses this type of cable, only the dongle that you put in the wall) Any help would be appreciated.

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Since you got it yesterday, return it to the store and get a replacement. If you have the same issue, get a different speaker. If they dont accept the return, Contact JBL and see what they can do for you.

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