Why Won't my laptop start up suddenly?

Hi all,

Now I have.. pulled battery disconnecting ac and held down power for 30+ seconds , plugged in ac adapter w/out battery and held power button down for 15+ seconds, it shows a green led on ac adapter too, tried other known working ac adapter, no go; with or without battery the only sign of life is front power led that comes on every time. I have to pull battery an ac adapter to turn off, holding power button no matter how long doesn't work. there is no fan, no post beeps, no video... just black screen this just happened between shut down and start up next day. I'm using a Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 with an I3 and 6 Gb ram one 2 Gb and one 4 Gb, all the specs match the support web site as to service tag .. I'm outta ideas and warranty, . any help?

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What happened before this occured?

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I'm told nothing, left running for an hour then turned off, next time tried to start and nothing as I explained have tried all I know of.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAxILfpt... Try to do that, leave the main battery, that battery and the adapter unplugged so no power is going to the laptop at all. Then let it sit for atleast 20 minutes, put that battery back, the main battery and plug in the laptop and then test it.

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Hi Cameron,

that video is showing the cmos battery right next to memory, under bottom panel, that would be be easy, however, I have the Inspiron 15R not just the Inspiron 15, mine requires tear down to system board to change cmos battery, quite a lot of work to say the least. Is that what your saying when you say "that battery" in your post? I'm capable of task but want to make sure that's what your suggesting prior to jumping in so to speak.

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Yes, remove that battery as it should hopefully reset what ever is wrong

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CMOS battery, main battery and the ac adapter all need to be unplugged for atleast 30 minutes for this to work

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