Where can I get a replacement trackpad?


My trackpad is inoperable. So far I have updated drivers, checked the on off button for the trackpad, opened it up and made sure there wasn't problems with wiring. In the trackpad settings it doesn't even recognize it is connected. Has anyone had this issue? If not, how can I get a replacement trackpad?



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Hey Jacob,

Is this an external trackpad that you are using? If so, could you clarify what specific type of trackpad you are using for what computer you're using it for? Also, did it work at some point in time and stop working recently, or has it just always been inoperable?

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It's the trackpad on the laptop. The laptop is a Gigabyte P35 v2. It just stopped working a few days ago. It worked without issues for just over 2 years.

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Have you checked ebay?

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Yes could not find a trackpad for this laptop. Is there any way to order oem parts?

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US$100 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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Note: Before trying anything else, please make sure you didn't accidentally hit the hotkey to disable your mouse!! I have done it, we all have done it! If no dice then keep moving on.

If you are talking about the built in mouse on your laptop that doesn't break. What I mean is the mouse device itself normally doesn't break and you are more likely to rub it through to the motherboard from use than break it. However if you are dead set on replacing it, just buy a used laptop for parts and replace your top case cover as laptops normally build their mice directly into the case of the laptop.

So replacing the top cover (case housing surrounding your keyboard and mouse) will replace the built in mouse. Then you can hook it back up to the motherboard. If it still doesn't work, your motherboard is faulty and starting to die. Sometimes motherboards will start losing things like USB Ports, Sound Ports, and other peripheral ports before failing entirely.

To fix that just buy a replacement motherboard. Either way your solution lay in replacing parts. I will link them below and let you decide where you would like to start.


Replacement Case


Replacement Motherboard


Support Page for your Laptop


The first link is your only option for replacing the mouse on your own. No where I looked sold your case alone. Since that's what you need to replace to replace the mouse, no dice unless you are willing to buy the entire computer just to replace your mouse. Doubt you will want to but its linked if you do.

The second link is a replacement motherboard for your laptop.

The third link is to your laptops official website support. Your laptop is pretty new, and chances are it will be cheaper to have them fix it than you fix it. Maybe they will even sell you the parts you need cheaper. Those are your options to getting it fixed up, but your problem is within the motherboard or mouse its self. What you fix first is your choice.

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