Also known as the Moto G3—an Android smartphone released by Motorola in July 2015. It serves as an economical alternative to Motorola's flagship phones. Model XT1540 in the US, with dual-sim and "Turbo Edition" variants sold in other regions.

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bricked phone, Can't restore trough software

good afternoon, first of all new to this site, but i dabble in android software since the first gens but got lost since androids got more reliable.

i Have a Moto g3 3rd gen that is bricked (i believe) i sent it to a store and they say that they cannot unbricked it due to the fact that the phone doesn't even gets recognize by the software they use. Is there a possible way to check if it is hardware?

he stays in the logo loop only if it's connected to the charger.

thank you in advance

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This is pretty tricky. Can phones and other devices be "un-bricked"? Sure it's possible, but you have a bigger problem than whether or not it can or cannot be un-bricked. At this point you have stated that you took it to a professional service and they were unable to recognize the device. Which simply means that when they plugged it into their computers, your device was not recognized.

This could have been because they didn't have the correct drivers for your phone and so the computer doesn't know how to talk to your phone. However since they are a business for repairing phones, it's more likely the problem is with your phone. Your task now lies in finding out why it can't be recognized, because until we can get a computer to talk with your phone, it will remain bricked for the rest of your life.

The first reason is what you already asked. Hardware. Unless you have some devices for testing Motorola phones, you will need to contact a repair shop just for Motorola phones as they will have the technology and programs to assess your phone. If no shops are in your area, calling Motorola will be the next option. However this will be expensive as they will most likely require you to buy a warranty before working on the phone. Or since it is an old phone will require a flat price which can be pretty high.

To find a shop near you go ahead and use this tool:

Find A Repair Shop Near Me

If that doesn't work for you, here is the contact page for Official Motorola Repair Service:

Contact Us

Before you try all that, try using a guide from Android Cure which can be found here:

Android Cure Un-Bricking Moto G 3rd Gen

It has a guide on how to un-brick the 3rd gen moto g. If that doesn't work you can try searching some other methods around the Internet. But if none work chances are your issue lays in the hardware and the phone will need to be rebuilt and then have a custom firmware installed. The reason they call it bricked phone is because that phone is now nothing more than a paper weight.

It can be done, but it comes down to how much time do you want to spend on it? Perhaps even how much money are you willing to spend in spare parts and labor fees to have it rebuilt?

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thank you for the time.

even if it doesn't work i'll learn something.

going to try the guide and see what it has for me.

thank you

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You are most welcome! Please let me know how it goes and best of luck to you!

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