Congratulations to Dan The Man for Going over 200,000 Rep Points

Kudos to the Dan the Man. @danj Fantastic work! You've taught me a lot about the newer Macs and helped millions of others now!

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Yeah way to go.

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@danj , Excellent Dan! Congrat's.

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@danj great job big guy.

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@danj ,


Your answers are always an excellent read.


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How noice m8. That's pretty impressive.

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@mayer, @oldturkey03, @jayeff, @lpfaff1 & Daniel Mason

>>>> Thanks Guys! <<<<

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How'd I miss this post? Congratulations, @danj, you must be the third most "powerful" member on here!

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Yeah, I don't know how I missed this too. Congratulations Dan!

P.S. I think it's because this question didn't evolve into 80's shows and cooking recipes. :>)

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@refectio what ya watch?

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