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I can't put my battery in correctly

My phone froze after a update so I removed the battery and put it back in and now one of the sides are crooked and I can't put it back

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And it won't turn on

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Hi ,

Did you put it back in the correct way?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Replacement

Also not sure when you say "....put it back in and now one of the sides are crooked and I can't put it back"

You "put it back in and now you can't put it back" doesn't make sense

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Does the battery look 'swollen'?

Did you have any problems removing it from the phone?

You might have to compare it to a new compatible battery to see if it is distorted in any way.

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hello, you could tap it into place with a hammer, it worked for me after i found a samsung S4 on the side of the road when i was walking one day

sadly though the back case was missing

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The bottom side of the battery is sticking out though

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Tap it with a hammer! Do you want it to explode!

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