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If I Order The Screw Set, How Do I Know Where Every Screw Goes?

A few years ago (before I learned to repair) I took my 5s to a repair shop that did not put my screws back in or brackets, how will i know where each screw will go in?

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@xbrowsing ,Victor, Links below(disassembly guides) may help you identify screw and their locations, screws are listed in the process. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

iPhone 5s Logic Board Replacement

iPhone 5s Repair

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Well the guide is good. But will the screw set form iFixit it have each screw labeled with their size?

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No it won't. Order a digital caliper with it. Digital Caliper

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Victor ,As @mayer stated No, and I agree, it is good idea to have a caliper on hand. Thanks for input mayer.

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@mayer @lpfaff1 man I didn't know iFixit it had a caliper. Thanks for the help! Even if I don't get the screw set it will be nice to have a caliper in hand for other repairs.

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