Apple은 2880 x 1800 해상도의 새로운 화면을 장착한 MacBook Pro 15" Retina를 출시하였습니다.

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I've damaged the rubber bezel around display, how do I replace?

MacBook Pro 15" Retina Late 2013

Hello there, I've damaged the rubber bezel that surrounds the display while fitting it back onto the MacBook Pro body.

It was a refurbished unit and I'm pretty sure the seller hadn't stuck the lower part on correctly. The large rubber pad to the lower right of the screen tore upon closing the lid the first time. It flapped around and looked awful after that, so I've torn it off and used some electrical tape for now to hide the gap.

Initially reasonably pleased with this little repair, it's now getting to me every time I open the computer... So I've ordered a replacement rubber bezel off of eBay and I'm looking to replace it, but can't find any guides.

Any help would be super appreciated!


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For the 15" you will have to slide the hinge cover to remove it (don't lose the 2 end pieces), unscrew the wifi antenna, then use a sharp painting knife to slide along the bottom rubber bezel (where the hinge cover sits), to get under the tape. Slide along the whole bottom part, being careful not to rip the LCD or backlight ribbon, then you can peel it off around the edge.

I have only replaced the rubber bezel when replacing the LCD panel (tape it to the surround of the new screen), but I have heard of people replacing the bezel after the new panel is fitted, by working it around the edge. Not sure how easy this is though.

If you have bought it and it is like this, just return it. They didn't add new tape when fitting the bezel so it will probably be loose around the bottom and sides, it's their problem not yours. Check the LCD on a white and black screen too, you may be able to see dust under the screen on a white screen (if bad refurb) or blemishes/pixels on a black screen, another reason to return it if this is the case.

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Thank you for your answer!

I guess there is one little patch of screen that is slightly brighter? This area is tiny though but could be grounds to return it, especially now they could say that I damaged the rubber part during the screen installation?

I was kind of hoping to just have to take the screen off, pull out the current rubber bezel, clean up the section behind where the lower left and right rubber parts sit, and apply new adhesive tape then push it all back in around the hinge cover and work it around. But I guess you can't do that then?

Is there adhesive tape all around or just the lower corners?

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@vivalacoulter you should be able to replace just the bezel, may be a bit fiddly, but I have never replaced this before without the LCD panel being off the lid. The main adhesive tape is in the bottom 2 corners, the rest will peel off easily

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Ah thank goodness. Seeing as I've bought two I think I'll have a practice run on the old screen assembly. I think the trickiest part will be the hinge cover myself. Thanks again for all your help.

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Also I've just seen that you have a website, wish I'd saved myself the headache now and just sent it to you! It's in my bookmarks bar now just incase...

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@vivalacoulter happy to help in future, if you need our help :)

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