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Tablet saying high voltage

I was charging my tablet and so after, I unplugged it. The tablet came on then it blank out. But before that it said high voltage. When you charge it the light be orange but now the light is blue.

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What is your tablet model, and do you have a multi meter/voltmeter?

If you do have a multi-meter or voltmeter, you must test the voltage on the battery. Unplug the battery if you can, then contact the red pole to the red wire, and the black to the black. If the voltage does not match what it says on the the battery (battery probably says 3.7v) replace the battery. Also, get a new USB wall adapter as that is likely the source of the problem. Get a good one like Anker or Aukey brand.

Do not try charging it! If the voltage is wrong, you may break your tablet even more! There is also a chance of exploding like a Note 7.

Hope this helps!

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