Power Button not responding after screen replacement

Hey guys. I just did a screen replacement, and now my power button doesn't work. if i plug in the device, it shows me it charging on the screen. so the new screen is funtional. I have tried with the old screen, just to verify it wasn't doing something weird with the circuit.

So far, I have tried the following.

- Cleaning the connectors, and reconnecting it.

- Made sure the continuity of the power button exists. (Used a multimeter while pressing the button)

- Reflowed general area of the power button.

im hoping to get a pinout of the power button area, and a place to purchase the female side of the BTB connector. if anyone else has experienced this before, i would like to know how it was rectified. thankyou!

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Is it definitely the power button you're pressing? That model has an unusual extra screen on/off button that looks like a power button. The actual power button is on the other side of the phone from the volume buttons.

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haha. yes. it is the power button i was pressing. though i did screw that up for a few moments on my first time replacing a screen, that gave me quite a scare. but yes, i am using the button at the top left. i have gotton other Dteks in since this post, and found that i must have broken a resister off of the board when i was lifting the top panel fron the device. I have replaced it, and its working fine. thanks though.

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I have found a missing component by comparing it to another board. the phone is in perfect working order after replacing the component.

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What was the missing component?

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hi Surjit. there are a slew of coils on the board. i seemed to have broken one of them off the board while lifting the top bracket.

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