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Is my phone circuit still good

My phone stopped working and I whent to a repair shop and they said the phone is bad and they took the battery. When I whent home I plugged it in with out the battery and it turned on and then turrned off is it possible the phone can still work, or is the circuit still good.

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Why did the shop take your battery? Did they explain why?

Your phone will not boot up completely without a battery, even if it is plugged in to a charger. You would need to try a new battery to see if your phone works properly or not.

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The phone did not turn on even if it was plugged in. So they replaced the battery and it did not work so they took their battery back and they tossed away my battery because the guy broke my battery.

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How did they break your battery? I know I have had some come out not to pretty but never bad enough where they are broken.

If I am understanding correctly when you plug the phone in to power it turns on to the apple logo but will not fully turn on? I would most certainly try a confirmed good battery with a charge.

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