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Do I need to remove the logic board to replace the hard drive cable?

I have an iMac that isn't recognizing the internal hard drive at all. I can plug it into an external adapter and see it (although it only shows up in Disk Management, not in Finder) so I am thinking the problem is the hard drive cable.

I don't see any guides on replacing it, but it appears to run under the logic board, so am I going to have to remove it first? If so, can I take it out without messing with the power supply?

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To be 100% sure the Hard Drive itself is ok, you should try to boot your mac with it (even by plugging it externally). Here is more info about it:

Also, it seems that to remove the data cable you do have to remove the logic board, as mentioned here: iMac Intel 20" EMC 2266 Hard Drive Data Cable Replacement

Hope that helps!

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Hello! It sounds like your HDD is failing. I would recommend running programs like Alsoft's Disk Warrior to determine the heath of your file directory. If disk warrior can repair your directory and get you back to normal, that is perfect. If disk warrior can not, well, bummer. It seems like a simple hard drive replacement should do the trick!

To answer your question, Yes , you do have to remove the logic board to replace the hard drive cable. You can do it without removing your power supply as long as you unplug the power supply cable from the back of the logic board. I will provide you with some links to different material below! Good Luck!!

Logic Board Disassembly: iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2308 Logic Board Replacement


Disk Warrior by Alsoft:

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