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Why my doors and window not working

I was working on my gmc envoy xl climate control when i put it back on for some reason my doors and windows do not work but with my fob im able to lock the back doors and liftgate but not the front can anyone help me?

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There are really 2 things to check. One is the fuses. Remove and inspect every fuse for is they are blown. If they arent, remove the climate control and check to see if you have any pinched or damaged wires. If you do, you probably need to resolder them, but if its not bad, you might get away with some electrical tape. If you find a blown fuse, replace it and it blows instantly, then you know there is a short, probably near the climate control as thats where you were messing around.

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Cant find no wires there are so many of them and hard to get too there is power from the main terminal thats go into the master switch but nothing works i change it with a used one but still does the same thing

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I checked the fuse they are not blown and the circuit breaker are working replaced it with a new one

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