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Kodak Z 712 is

My camera get into the water, and no get ON any more. What can it be ? Thanks

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@fireman4792000 just like everybody else already explained to you, the reason for it not to come on is due to the water dame. Just like any other device that was submerged in water, you want to start off by no longer trying to turn it on or use it in any way. Remove the battery. Discard it since it will not longer be good since it got water damaged. After that you will have to disassemble your camera. This video will essentially show you how to split the camera. Your camera is basically divided into four groups:

1. Covers

2.Main board, Viewfinder

3. Battery compartment and mode dial

4. Strobe and Lens assembly

This is what you are looking at with your camera apart.

Block Image

All of those should be cleaned with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush.

To remove the covers follow these instructions:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

To remove the mainboard and viewfinder use this. Remove the screws and parts according to the numbers

Block Image

Lastly for the Battery compartment etc. use this. Again proceed in numerical order.

Block Image

The main issue will most like be on your mainboard and the battery compartment. Make sure you clean those parts well. It is perfectly okay to submerge the parts in high grade (90%+) isopropyl alcohol. Use a soft brush to brush of any debris and the alcohol will dissipate the water. Keep all your screws separated and organized since they will be different length and threads. Take lots of picture (with a different camera of course ;-) for reference. Once all the parts are properly cleaned, reassemble your camera and you must replace the battery. Only after all this can you properly troubleshoot your camera for any further damage.

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@fireman4792000 ,Jorge, As Cameron has stated water has most likely entered the camera and has effected connections and other components internally of the camera. To attempt to save the camera would require disassembly of the camera to clean it of water damage which will be a very detailed process. I could not find a guide or video for your make and model to show how to disassemble. The 1st link will be a general guide on how to clean liquid/corrosion in electronics if you decide to proceed. The 2nd link is your manual. You could also have a good local camera shop or Kodak have a look, diagnose and estimate repair, but may be more then purchasing a new one on sale because of the work involved. Another option may be to sell the camera in parts or whole on Ebay,Amazon,etc. to try and recoup some money to put towards replacement. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Electronics Water Damage


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@oldturkey03 , yes, just wanted OP to know difficulty, did not think to post a different language vid. Thanks.

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What can it be? The water. Water got into the device and probably ruined it. If you havent already try contacting Kodak and see if they can help you with a replacement.


Theres the kodak Support link.

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