How to open a lenovo tab that fails to open after shutting down?

I just wanna ask why did my lenovo tab 2 A7-30 can't be open after I restarted it since settings, gallery and file manager stopped. I was uploading my pics on fb and the tablet is like having a virus because it moves without me touching its screen... So I decided to remove the usb connector and open the gallery... but, it stopped... I open the file manager and it also stopped. So I open the settings, and decided to clear all the datas on gallery and file manager but the settings stopped... So I shut it down, but it won't open... What do you think is the problem of my tablet?

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What you can try is to plug it in to the charger and leave it for a while and then hold down the power button to see if it turns on. If it doesnt try this -

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