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Why is my phone dying even when it's on the charger?

I don't have any apps open, I'm not on it but it's still dying when I try to charge it. I bought an apple charger incase it was that but now it's just dying all the time!!

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If the phone is off, will it charge?

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In addition, is there any history? Did this issue start after some kind of repair, battery replacement? Did it get liquid damaged?

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Yes it'll charge when it's off. And no it wouldn't charge with certain wires so I bought an apple one and now it just won't charge

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The 5s has been out for a while, it could be the battery itself is just going bad. After so many charges it just can't hold as much power. I'd also check and make sure the port is free of any lint or dirt. It likes to build up in the lightning port. Last thing it could be would be logic board damage. There is a microchip on the logic board that controls charge functionality. It's commonly referred to as the U2IC or the Tristar chip. If a non-Apple certified charge cord is used to charge the phone it can potentially overload that chip and cause it to fail. If the chip fails, the phone will not charge at all. The chip would need to be replaced.

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