screen flickering after being dropped?!


my laptop -lenovo z5070- was dropped from a chair into the ground, after that there is two problems.

'''first problem ..the screen brightness is flickering once i touch the laptop

'''when i touch the laptop the screen brightness goes ok,,another touch the brightness goes little bright,another touch goes ok ,and so on

second problem.. screen from the bottom "at task bar in windows exactly" had some dark areas

notice that the screen is not's ok

i tried to remove the cover and touch the cables in front but no thing changed

i think the cable in the back of screen is the reason of the problem -may be the drop causes disconnect of some slots -

but i didn't try to check it

i need to know

what is the problem ?

how to fix it ?

'''here is a video showing the problem in order to be clear for you



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@oldturkey03 thanks a lot , i will try that

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@mostafa_gamal the "stage light effect" on the bottom of your screen is caused by the backlight strip. This could be the backlight LED strip (or the LCD) as well as a failed component in your backlight circuitry. This does not appear as a dislodged cable. You will have to disassemble your laptop and take a closer look at the board as well as the LCD. My first task would be a replacement LCD unless I'd find a broken component on the board. you can download the maintenance manual for your computer from here

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