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How do I change my micro SD card?

My storage is full so is my SD card. I managed to delete what I could to gain space. Can I save my external storage contents to my phone so I can put the new SD card in?

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Well, no. You said your storage is full so there isn't room to put the stuff. What you can do though is on your computer, make a folder and copy all the files from that card into that folder. Then put the new card into your PC and copy all those files back onto the new card. That way you won't loose files. The new card has to be larger than the old card (obviously) so that all the data can be transferred back onto it with room to spare. Then when you put it in, it should work fine. If it doesn't, make sure you didn't format the old sd card yet. It should work but if it doesn't, let me know here and I'll help you resolve that.

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