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OSX update cannot be installed on this disk does not meet requirements

I replaced my Western Digital black (original HDD) 1 TB HDD in my 27" mid 2010 imac with the Western Digital 2 TB purchased here at IFIXIT. Old Drive was bad and so I did a complete new install from the original DVD OSX Installation disk putting Snow Leopard back on the disk. It was able to link up to my apple account and restore applications.

However when I click on the apple logo (top left) and select update software, and after saying continue to update and restart the system, the system startup wallpaper comes back but no top menu bar and no app tray it seems to just hand there. I went to Apple and downloaded both the delta and the combo .dmg update versions of 10.6.4 and tried to install them. The installer stops after the agreement screen at the HDD page and says

"OSX update cannot be installed on this disk does not meet requirements"

I have gone to disk utility and checked and repaired the permissions and even ran disk verify all is OK. the drive has one partition which I named the same as the last HDD "Macintosh HD" it has 1.7 TB available space showing with the root directory "/" at the top of the directory tree.

Not sure what else to try.

Update (04/23/2017)

Dan Thanks for the information. I have been able to make a bootable install disk from a 16GB PNY USB drive. I have a company MacbookPro that I used to make it. I checked the firmware on my iMac it is a mid-2010 27" iMac 11,3 and the EFI Boot ROM Version is IM112.0057.B021. From the firmware web page you referenced the EFI Boot ROM Version listed for this mac is IM112.0057.03B (2015-002) I tried downloading this and installing it first on the iMac, however the installer stopped indicating that the the update needed to be run from OSX 10.9.5 or later.

I tried to install the OS on the iMac anyway. It would boot using the install usb drive. I erased and reformatted the HDD in the iMac and then ran the installer. It would start the install process and go through the 7 minute installation bar and then at the very end it would say error try reinstalling.

Not sure where to go from here. I is the error related to not being able to update the firmware? If so is it possible to update the firmware on the iMac using Target disk mode from the MacbookPro? It is running El Captain.

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No, you can't run the updater in Target Mode.

Do you remember what the error message stated. At this point I think we need to know exactly what it was.

Can you also give us the drives info you put in make and model so I can double check it.

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I had to do some checking on your EFI version you have a typo. I suspect you have this:

- 021 = 33 - (leading B is the typo)

- 03B = 59 - The base version you need to be at

The last digits are hexadecimal and you need to convert them to decimal as I've done here.

Did you have the logic board replaced at some point? Double check your model by going to EveryMac - Lookup plugging in your systems Sn which is on the bottom of your systems foot or within About This Mac. Also compare your systems CPU &GPU to what EveryMac lists for your exact system. If its different then someone swapped logic boards which could explain why the update failed.

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Do you have access to a second Mac? If you do you could connect your 27" to it via Target disk mode to share files between two Mac computers and then run the OS installer from the second Mac. The other option here is to create from the second Mac a bootable installer thumb drive following this guide: How to create a bootable macOS Sierra installer drive.

Forget about the update route, Here we need to scratch the drive down and do a re-install with a full OS installer downloaded from the Apps Store.

You'll need to first make a backup of your stuff if you don't have a backup now. But, before we move forward we need to make sure the systems firmware is at the correct level to move forward from. Review this Apple T/N: About EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Mac computers. Make sure your system is at this level or newer before you scratch your current OS install.

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