Will Epson empty ink sensor work with compatible cartridge?

I have Epson printer Workforce Pro wf-5620dwf. I'm using aftermarket compatible cartridges.

After nagging for ages about the cyan ink cartridge being empty or nearly empty, eventually it has decided it is completely empty. It allowed printing in black and white only for a while, before now insisting on the cartridge being replaced. (Actually my tests suggest the cartridge has about 6ml of ink left in it (out of 36ml), but it has printed plenty of pages so I'm not too concerned about that.)

Until now there has been no problem at all. I've been happy with the quality and number of pages printed with the compatible cartridges, and the Epson printer has acted as if it was a genuine Epson cartridge.

This time, however, the printer says there I have installed a non Epson cartridge (its exactly the same as the one that was in before), and so the printer cannot display the ink levels. The cartridge has a label saying that this will happen if the new cartridge has the same serial number, which it does.

I'm worried now. I sometimes print long print runs, and it is possible the printer could run out of ink mid-run, causing damage to the fixed print h+ead (and I don't believe the print head can be replaced).

Can anyone advise me please? Although the printer will not display ink levels, will the empty sensor still work, so that the printer will stop printing and tell me when the cartridge is empty? Or, will it just continue to try to print, causing damage?

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Adrian Wood, I do not own this printer. Just a thought perhaps you could go into your computer and uninstall all software etc. that could eliminate the serial# from last cartridge used and then reinstall software for printer again. Links below may help. Some talk about how you should turn off printer updates to prevent software from recognizing serial# reuse. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.




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Thanks that's interesting will take a look - I had guessed that the software that identified the serial number was contained within the printer firmware and not in windows - but perhaps I assumed incorrectly? What if I'm replacing the printer cartridge when my computer is off?

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Adrian Wood,You could try, I think as soon as you started up computer it may have a history or perhaps the printer could have a history stored also, I am not positive. Just thought it may be something to try. Good luck.

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