I cant get a signal when I connecting my laptop to tv with hdmi cable

im using win7. i can get a signal only when i connect it to a specific tv in my house but not to the others?

when i press the function button+F4 its only show me "LCD" option.

what can i do?


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What is the model number of the Samsung laptop?

Have you checked that the other TVs support the video resolution that you are using in the laptop? Check their User Guides to find out.

What are the makes and model numbers of the other TVs?

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i can watch with my computer, using the hdmi cable. only on 1 television and thts all.

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Hi @ashke7,

You didn't say what the model number of your Samsung laptop is or what are the make and model numbers of the other TVs. With that information we'll be able to help you better

Did you try to do what was suggested in the comment above this one, regarding checking the laptop's screen resolution settings?

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Are you sure the tv that your trying to use is on the HDMI input?

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hi guys

thanks for the help

i do connect the laptop with the right cable. it works only with 1 tv. my first tv.

i set the resolution and everuything else right, the computer dont recognise anything , its like i didnt plugged a thing

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This problem could arise due to incompatibility issues or may be the HDMI wire is lose and not getting connected from either the laptop or the television side. First try connecting the HDMI to other tv so that you can get a good idea about the location of fault

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