The fourth iteration of the popular 7" Galaxy Tab line of Samsung tablets.

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My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 will get stuck on the samsung logo!

I was using it the other night and it was rooted because I accidentally deleted an important file so I was trying to get it back but then my tablet reboots by itself and then It would not properly start up it would get stuck on the Samsung logo animation I have already tried to wipe the device and it still refuses to work PLEASE HELP!!!

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You just messed with some system file which are necesary for android os to boot , before doing any thing make sure you make an ndroid backup through recovery!!!

If you have a backup simply restore it

If you dont have backup you need to flash stock frimware or custom rom if your recovery supports it...(otherwise use samsung's pcsuit app ,i forgot its name maybe odin )

Remember not to wipe data (if your data does matter)

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Ok, I will try to thank you.

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I plugged in my device but my computer nor odin will recognize it.

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Follow these steps . As your device boots you should be able to flash (i hope your usb socket is ok)

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I am trying it right now again thank you

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Thank you so much it working I just didnt plug it into my computer properly so it would not read it. My tablet is working now. :)

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