The 1999 Chevrolet Malibu is part of the fifth generation (1997-2003) manufactured by General Motors. This is the first smaller, front-wheel-drive Malibu that General Motors put back on the market after the Malibu line was temporarily discontinued in the early 1980's.

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Car acts as if your pressing and releasing the gas pedal. When u have

Car acts as if your pressing and releasing the gas pedal. When u have a steady hold


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Car runs fine in idle. Though when driving, (keeping a normal hold on the throttle )it begins to act as if you are letting off and on of the gas. Jerking back and forth.

I've replaced the O2's the TPS spark plugs and fuel filter.

Which has helped. Yet still having the same problem just not as bad

Still not throwing any codes.

Any ideas where to begin?

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Have you checked the Throttle Body or MAF sensor to see if they are dirty and maybe causing issues? You might also check to make sure there is no air leak on the intake that could be drawing in extra air when the engine revs above a certain point.

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Geoff Ice. I do believe your right.

During cleaning up parts today while I'm having the heads worked. I found 2 huge cracks in the lower engine manifold. Directly under Cylinder 3 injector. which in the passed ( 2-3 years ago) has show a miss Fire.

So I'm hoping that's my problem.

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Mass Air flow sensor. Take car to shop for diagnosis. Then buy and install. Also clean trottle body if you can.

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Hey Mr. Lachmaiya Thanks for your reply/time!!

I had the scan done yet it's not showing anything. Really sucks it's not throwing a code. Yes the check engine light does work.

It read an O2. I replaced it. The same day this started.

But unfortunately it now also hads a blown head gasket.

I just striped it down, the heads are off. ( I wonder, yet doubt if the head gasket). Could have been my problem with the jurking??

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A blown head gasket shouldn't cause that issue. Normally, it just allows coolant and oil to mix, which then causes increased engine wear, overheating issues, and some pretty smoke from the tailpipe. I would still put my money on an issue with the throttle body, MAF sensor or air leak on the intake. That being said, let us know if it runs fine when you get the new gasket installed.

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lol. I just found your other post that L Pfaff was helping you with on the heater core replacement. He reckons it could be causing the misfire, and probably has more experience than I do. Anyway, let us know if that fixes the problem. I am interested to see if that was the issue.

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