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How to fix a broken lid sensor?


a friend of mine has been playing with the lid sensor (the one attached directly on the motherboard with "DOOR" written near it) and effectively broke it.

Is there any way to bypass the switch and have the console think the lid is always closed?

I've seen plenty of guides for this problem on ps2 slimlines but nothing for the original ps1. What I think is that, after having removed the plastic switch, I can bridge solder together the 4 points of contact on the motherboard and that should be it.

Anybody knows for sure? If that's the case which point to I connect to wich? Is it top to bottom? Any particular wire I sure use?

Keep in mind I' new to repairing, but I do have the soldering equipment needed.

If needed I do have a photo of how the motherboard looks now where the switch should be.


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Tape it down. There are plenty of mods on google

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What mods are you referencing? A link maybe?

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Google "Lid Sensor Mod PSX" it is all over. It tricks it to think it is closed

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