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Touch screen does not respond, display works just fine

Hey everybody,

last week my iPhone stopped working, it had greenish stripes and the touch screen did not respond. I figuered I should buy and replace the entire display, which I did. Before I replaced it I tried to turn it off by pressing the home and the sleep button and letting go when it turned black, unfortunately this caused my screen to stay black. (Black but still on).

After replacing the display it still stayed black, so I put in the display of another old iPhone 5c, whose touch screen did not respond. This brought back the stripes and the touch still did not respond.

I then tried out each of the displays on the old iPhone, which brought the same results each time: display working just fine, touch not responding.

So basically I now have three perfectly working displays and two iPhone 5cs, with a touch screen that does not work. (and some other funky issues that caused two out of three displays to stay black on one phone and work on the other)

Anyone any idea what's wrong or how I can fix an iPhone, whose display works, but the touch screen does not?

PS there's no software problem

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So if I understand this correctly, the three screens display fine but no touch on the old iPhone 5C. How do the three screens behave on the "new" iPhone 5C? Am I correct in understanding that they have the green stripe and no touch?

In that case, I would say that both of your iPhone 5C's have logic board issues. The 5C logic board is prone to micro-fractures due to the inherently weaker plastic case. The board flexes more, due to "normal" falls and drops and causes these fractures. They are hard to see, requiring lot's of magnification. That makes these phones almost unrepairable.

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On the "old" iPhone one display has green stripes, one used to have green stripes and then went black and the new display was just black, none had touch. On the "new" iPhone all three screens were fine but they didn't have touch.

I looked at them through a microscope and couldn't see any fractures or anything, they must be really tiny.

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I think we don't have the same definition of new and old iPhone 5C. You said this in your question:I then tried out each of the displays on the old iPhone, which brought the same results each time: display working just fine, touch not responding. That is the opposite of what you just stated in your comment.

You should edit your question or comment (or both) so that everything makes sense. It's hard enough to try to troubleshoot remotely, it is impossible if I can't keep track of what was done on what phone with what part.

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most likely it is a connector issue which makes bad contact between digitizer connector and board socket, try to clean both with a cleaning petrol and a toothbrush, dry then try.

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What's petrol mean over there in foggy London Town?

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I looked at the connector and the socket through a microscope and I swear there's not a single one that looks bent or broken or whatever. I cleaned it anyways but it didn't help either. I guess I'm now waiting for a miracle.

Thanks though.

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So no touch with visual artifacts on a 5c? Sounds pretty classic for chestnut failure or bad cap taking out a touch power line.

You can send out for repair, or get out your multimeter and schematic--start at the connector tracing touch power lines and hunting down the source of failure.


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