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My iPhone is discharging and overheating for no reason

I have to mention that my iPhone doesn t recognize the original cable, works only with a different cable. I m sure the dock is not damaged because i tried with another 5s motherboard on it and it s working fine. And the battery drains fast, the motherboard is overheating even when in normal use and in idle is still warmer than normal.

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That means something is shorting on the board. Usually only happens after liquid damage or bad replacement parts (usually the small ones like front camera, rear camera) short circuiting the board causing rapid battery drain and making the board heat up a lot.

Hopefully it isn't a U2 Tristar Charging IC issue or Power Management Chip IC. It's most likely one of them. U2 more likely as it did not recognise the original cable.

More info here:

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can i change those chips? anyway i heard that i can put my MB in some achool. Could this help or damage ?

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Could help, but not for those two chips which are generally under the metal shields on the logic board.

It could help but only for liquid damage, most it will do is displace liquids and requires brushing to remove corrosion. (Don't use Isopropyl Alcohol when there's power running through the board of course.

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i will use alcohol when is not in use obviously, is that ok?

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Yes. Make sure to be using pure Isopropyl Alcohol (90%-100% is fine, the other percentage is the water concentrate mixed into it which is very little and harmless) and not rubbing alcohol.

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I'll try to clean the MB with this liquid. Don t know what to say about the chips...if someone can change them

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