The second generation HTC One—dubbed the HTC One (M8)—features a dual flash and the new Sense 6 UI, and was released March 25, 2014.

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How can I stop the sound announcing my phone is turning on?

When ever I turn my HTC One m8 on it does this really loud wake up sound. Very inconvenient when I'm attempting a late-night book read in a caravan! Or turning it on in a meeting or at the library. I can't find a way to turn on silently without turning off sounds before shutting down. That's not convenient! I have tried silent boot but again all sounds get muted! I want a permanent fix. No boot up sound but keeping my ringtone on for calls etc. Is this a problem for all recent HTC? If so I'm upgrading to something else!

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That might help.

I too had a HTC one m8 and also had this sound, it is kind of annoying, espically if your trying to be quiet.

Why do you keep turning your phone off? Couldn't you leave it on and just put it on power saver or ultra power saver mode?

If none of those options are for you, you really dont have any other option.

If your looking for a new phone, the samsung galaxy s6 is becoming rather cheap as the S8 just came out. Im sure you can find them new on ebay for 200 or 300 dollars.

Hope this helps! If it did please hit the accept answer button!

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