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iPhone 5s stuck in headphone mode

I got this iPhone 5s stuck in headphone mode even if the headphones are not plug in.

When I play YouTube videos there's no sound and when I press volume buttons it say headphones.

I did tried a new charging port still not working,I think it's something in the motherboard,maybe a chip or filter.

Is anybody had this issue before or fixed anything like this.

Please let me know,I will gladly appreciate your help.

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Does it still think it's in headphone mode when the charging port assembly ribbon flex is unplugged?

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Yes,i did unplugged the charging port and then I pressed the volume buttons and say headphones

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I have never run into this problem specifically on an iPhone 5s. However,

(assuming you've already power cycled the phone) I would plug in a pair of headphones and unplug them first. If the problem persists do a backup and restore. Let me know if you have any questions.



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Yes I already did all that!

That's why I'm thinking there is got be the motherboard,I don't have the schematic to check all that

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Yep. Logic board needs diagnosing on the audio circuit. First thing I would think is liquid damage on the audio circuit area of the logic board for headphone jack sensing.

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