How can I get out of boot up and not destroy my pictures?

How can i get out of boot up and not destroy my pictures? It runs and that's all it does. I don't want to do a reset because I feel it would change to factory setting and destroys my pictures. Can removing the battery (as videos say) leave my pictures alone?

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If the videos say it, try it.

A factory restore will destroy all data. Removing the battery will not.

Give it a shot and see where it goes from there.

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the battery is secured to the motherboard; it is impossible to remove it.

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Hi @mister001mr ,

I think what he meant was to disconnect the battery from the motherboard, not to physically remove it. Don't know your tablet but perhaps it means that you will have to unsolder the wires from the battery where they are connected onto the motherboard. DO NOT bridge or short out the wires when you go to unsolder them. Take pictures of the connections before working on them as a reference for when you have to resolder them back on. You should only have to disconnect them for a short while so that any corrupted data settings will be "reset" to default due to lack of power.

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Thanks Jayeff, sounds ideal. I'll get back to you on this and I will try it; my pictures are related to a near death video I took about my mom. Thank God she came out well enough from this event. :)

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