Huawei Watch battery requires calibration?

Hello all,

I bought this watch recently, and I noticed that after fully charging the watch, it will drain quite fast (8-12hrs) to 1%, and then holds on this 1% for up to 24hrs more.

This is limiting my experience on it, despite OK overall battery life, because at 15% the watch will activate battery saving mode. So I'm stuck on this mode for like 30 hours of the total battery life span.

I tried resetting the watch multiple times, and I also updated to Wear 2.0 but still the same behaviour.

Is that a known issue with this watch? Is there a way to re-calibrate it?

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That might help you calibrate the battery, it for a phone but its worth a shot.

Hope this helps! If it did please hit the accept answer button!

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Well, this seems to not help, because the watch will turn on automatically when put on the charger so you can't actually charge it while off.

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