Why has printing changed to too small to read

For some unknown reason my printer is producing print that is too tiny and is out of control.What ever size is on screen makes no difference and unfortunately I have no idea how to put the matter right as this has never happened before

Windows 10/Word/Epson XP 225 Printer

Trouble shooter says Printer ok,i installed a new Driver

Can anyone help please?

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Is there a setting on the printer itself that says something like scaling or zoom? I'm trying to find a manual for the printer as I type.

Found the manual the only thing it says is:


Set the Document Size on the More Options tab. Select Reduce/Enlarge Document, Zoom to, and then enter a percentage.

Let me know if this helps.

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Hi Conor

Thank you for your prompt reply to my question

No luck with the info from the Manual unfortunately

There is a slider at the bottom right hand corner of the screen which adjusts the percentage/size of print but no matter what size is on screen everything printed is the tiny size including copy/paste

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Hi Conor

My sincere thanks for your help with your answer which is very much appreciated print size is now back to normal


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Nice, glad to help. Come back any time!

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