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Home button not working after charging port replacement.

I just replaced an iPhone 7 charging port and now the home button isn't responding.

I didn't do anything with the display assembly since it was working just fine.

Since it didn't work I took the phone back apart, made sure the home button was connected on the display assembly, and everything checked out and is connected.

Not sure why the home button isn't working.

I see to the left side of the charging port there is a pressure connector that goes up like it would touch the backside of the home button, that too is in place and not bent down or anything that would make it seem like it wouldn't connect.

Just looking for some help and if anyone else has encountered this and has overcome it.

Thank you.

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Just found this part which is what is referring to when speaking of the left side of the lightning connector.

*iPhone 7/7 Plus Lightning Connector Grounding Spring Contact:

Replace the spring contact that grounds the lightning connector assembly to the back of the home button bracket.*

So that piece on the button is just a ground for the lightning, not even associated with the functionality of the home button working.

So now I'm still confused as to why the home button will not work at all.

Original screen, original home button. Only thing that has been replaced was the lightning connector.

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Does the home button work when there is no pressure on it like when the screen is loose and not pushing against anything??? I've seen some where the home button has been broken from being pushed too hard from the bottom of the screen even when the screen isnt broken...

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Tried checking the camera yet? My advice try disconnecting the camera from the circuit and trying the home button. This doesn't stop being a fun problem. My team is working on it, sorry we don't have better answers. Heard Jesssa's team is on it too

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Any Luck in solving this issue?

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I know this is a late reply, but have you checked the ribbon connectors that clip form your screen to the motehrboard. If theres is any form off damge caused to them whilst you were lifting the screen the home button will no longer work. consequently, you will need to replace the whole Touch assembly to get your home button's functionality back.

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My son's tablet button is broken light won't turn on to charge

very thing works except the charging button is broken

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