When turning on my laptop, only black screen appears

I have Samsung NP350V5C-A03AE laptop. When turning it on, only black screen appears. After trying to disconnect it from power source and turning it on again for several times, it will boot and work normal after around 15mins from turning it on.

I tried to reset BIOS. Disconnect battery, memory, DVD drive, Hard Drive, Wifi adapter, Keybord one by one and cleaned CPU fan, but nothing happened.

Can anyone help me to fix the issue?


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does the problem persist if an external monitor is connected ? Try running a mem test. Have you checked the event log to see if anything is listed there? Have you done a complete static discharge?

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Not sure, but are you saying that the problem is only intermittent and that the display does finally appear?

Try the following checks to narrow down the possible problem

Turn on the laptop and allow it to boot. Then shine a torch at an angle close to the laptop screen and check if you can detect a display . It will be very faint. It might help if you tried this in a darkened room.

If you can detect a display then there is a screen backlight problem with the laptop. This could be caused by a faulty backlight power supply , a faulty lid switch, a faulty video cable (try either moving the lid back and forth slightly or gently pressing the hinge area between the lid and the case to see if anything happens, this is where the video cable passes through to the display), faulty video cable connections at either end (motherboard or screen) or a faulty LCD screen.

If you cannot detect a display connect an external monitor to the laptop and see if there is a display showing on it.

If there is a display on the external monitor try booting in safe mode and see if the laptop screen works OK immediately. If the screen still doesn't work immediately in safe mode then the problem could be a faulty video cable, faulty video cable connections at either end (motherboard or screen), or a faulty LCD screen.

If there is no display on the external monitor then the problem is either a faulty GPU or motherboard.

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Yes it is only intermittent. It does work normally after several tries.

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If your saying that your computer will turn on after a long period it could be that your computer is just REALLY slow and needs a refresh.

If your using windows 10:

The next time you get your computer on

Press Windows button + I to bring up your settings

Go to Update & security

Go to Recovery

And click Get started under Reset this PC

Follow the on screen instructions from there. And your computer should boot better in the future.

Let me know if this helps.

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Boot the computer in safe mode and see if the computer still shuts down after 15 minutes.

Personally, I think it is more a hardware issue. It would be memory or cpu fan..

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