Released in June 2015, the ZTE Maven runs Android Lollipop OS and features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.

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Screen spazzing out or just becoming irresponsive

A week ago, my zte screen stopped working entirely. A day after factory resetting it, it started to work again, except this time the screen would either not work or random spots on the screen wold be pressed or held when i am not touching it. The only way that I can make it work is to close the screen by clicking the power button and even then it only works for about a minute before the random pressing begins. Everything else on the phone works except for the touch part. At the time that this started the phone had no water damage and had not been dropped

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Try to re-seat the digitizer connector and see if that's it. If not, it think it would need a new digitizer.

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