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I need a knob to control the bass/gain of my amps


I currently have a small planet audio amp running my two 6x9 speakers on the back sill of my 94 chevy cavalier and a JBL amp running my 600watt rms Rockford fosgate 12in sub and am in need of somehow controlling the bass/gain of both of them..I know that bass knobs exist, but I don't know what to look for, any recommendations would be much appreciated, thank you and have a great day!


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Hi I have a Very Good product for your problem. I also had this same problem when i lost the bass knob to my amplifier So I bought a Ct sounds bass Knob it is very effective and also comes with a built in volt meter. Italso looks very clean here is the link to the product if interested

Update (06/02/2017)

Here is another Good bass knob I found hope it helps.

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