Laptop started crashing, now the screen wont turn on

Hello everyone,

Today I got home from college and I hooked my laptop up to the external monitor and everything was fine. I plugged my USB hub into the the type C port and several driver installation windows appeared in the task bar. Then my computer crashed out of nowhere and when I tried to reboot it, it took me right to the bios recovery page. Then I exited the bios and restarted and it told me that windows ran into an error starting and that I could reboot or go to advanced options. I tried to restore my computer from a previous point but it would go through the whole thing and say it failed to restore. repeat this process 5 or 6 times of going between bios and error screen with me trying every advanced option possible and googling what to do and now when I turn my computer on, the light comes on and I can hear the fans but the screen won't turn on.

Could someone help me PLEASE? I'm so scared the laptop just bricked itself and its only a few months old.

Thank You,


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Do you have information on the error screen ( something like : error 0x 008 ..... )

could be a hardware problem , a hardware problem with graphic card ...

Or a dual hardware problem , one takes out the other...

if the laptop is only a few months old, and you have back ups on a axternal drive , i should claim your warranty.

Kind regards,


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