Water puddle when unplugged

I have a 25+ year old Kenmore refrigerator without an icemaker in my rental unit. I unclogged the defrost drain and that stopped water accumulating in bottom of the refrigerator. I checked the temp of the freezer (0 degrees--if it is less than 0 degrees I do not know) and refrigerator (40 degrees). Problem: What causes a little puddle of water on the floor at the front left corner when it is unplugged? I only see the water after I unplug it.

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0 degrees for the freezer and 40 degrees are normal; temps for proper food storage, when you unplug it is it a big puddle? Or small just sounds like condensation buildup falling down to the ground.

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Not a huge puddle about a 3x3 at bottom left corner on the floor and only when I unplug it. Do not see water when it is running. Trying to check out since my tenant moved out. I will check the condensation switch when I go over there. Was wondering if the freezer was getting ice build up inside the door for some reason?

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ice build up will happen over time, where youll have more ice that food in the freezer, its often recommended that the freezer be unplugged; to allow melting of of ice and prevent damage to the appliance. Since you are a landlady, and already do this everytime a tenant moves out; to conserve energy and avoid paying electricity for nothing. Is this a new occurrence? Condensation is normal as hot air meeting cold air causes this; seems thats what it is .

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still do minor inspections

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