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Adding a USB 'C' card using spare power beneath CD-ROM (or other)


I have bought a Aukey Supersede Type C PCI-Express Card with 2 x USB 3.1 Type-C Ports to put in to my MacPro (early 2009) - MacPro5,1

However it needs to be powered from a SATA cable. Unfortunately all my internal bays are full (being 2 striped RAIDs) and the graphics card takes up both of its dedicated power cables.

The only vacant SATA power source is the moulded Power/Data SATA cable beneath the CD Superdrive - and that's at the front of the chassis with no hole or obvious voids to pass a cable through.

Any suggestions on how I can:

a) connect the USB 'C' card to the SATA at the front, under the CD?

b) power it some other way from the back end of the MacPro?

c) or another way of powering the USB 'C' card?

Many Thanks,


Update (05/20/2017)

Well, we finally managed to make it work albeit with a lot of tinkering.

Myself and friend ran a SATA extension cable across the top of the front fan and up through a tiny hole between the chassis and the motherboard. We had to cut the power cable and reconnect them once the cables were up into the drive bay area but it all works now.

Many thanks for the help and suggestions.

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Your best bet is to get a molex to sata like this.

And then solder extention wires on to it and then find a place to run it out from the CD drive bay.

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@cam2363 - You got the right idea, but you'll might hit a connector issue here ;-{

The IDE optical drives Apple used in this series used a different connector than standard HD Molex connector if I remember correctly.

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They are IDE optical drives. Wouldnt any one work?

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@cam2363 - The older ones used the standard Molex the newer models at the time used a smaller connector before everyone switched to SATA.

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Thanks guys. So far I have this: and was thinking along similar lines.

The real key issue is finding a way / hole to get the cable back to the PCI slots from the front bay.

And yes, both the SATA connectors on the chain are the micro ones (not the older Molex).

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You may need to do a bit of sheet metal work here to make a pathway. I would recommend getting a hole punch like this: Neiko 02612A Multi-Purpose Power Hole Punch Kit if you can get the vise across the metal face you want to cut. Otherwise a drill type: Punch, Knockout, 1/2in (they make other sizes)

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